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Here at Bio-Dry, our asphalt cleaning products get great results on a hydraulic oil spill in a parking area.  In this picture, our asphalt cleaning product was used on the right, and another product on the left.  The area below the yellow line was untreated.

Asphalt Cleaning Products

The results are clear, as evidenced by this photo. Nothing works better on the market today. Not only does Bio-Dry remediate these oils, but it does it without water or other harsh chemicals.

Bio-Dry Asphalt Blend:

•  Is safe for surfaces and surroundings

•  Cleans deep into the surface of the asphalt while attracting remaining oils

•  Meets all the EPA guidelines for CWA

•  Prolongs the life of the asphalt surfaces and makes them look better almost immediately

•  Completely disappears with time

Our asphalt cleaning product is also superior to pressure washing parking lot surfaces because pressure washing damages the surface of asphalt, scarring it often permanently.

If you want to know more about our asphalt cleaning products and the incredible results they get, give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you!