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Oil Eliminator 5 Gal


Oil Eliminator Pre-Treatment is a safe, pre-treatment for heavy or stubborn old oil stains on concrete. Use prior to using Bio-Dry Concrete Cleaner. Oil Eliminator Pre-Treatment can be used for a variety of stubborn stains. If the concrete has old oil stains it will loosen the stain bond so that Bio-Dry concrete cleaner can clean the surface and reduce the stain.

Bio-Dry Oil Eliminator For Set-In Stains


DIRECTIONS: Wear protective eye wear and gloves to avoid contact with eyes or skin. Always use this product for its designated application. Dilute 2 parts water with 1 part Oil Eliminator Pre-Treatment in a garden-type sprayer or spray bottle. Apply sparingly to soiled areas, making sure not to use too much. Let stand for 1 minute then agitate with a stiff bristle brush to emulsify the dried oils and carbon. With a little Bio-Dry concrete cleaner use the brush to soak up the standing liquids as you scrub the surface. Pick up the absorbed residue and dispose of according to state and local regulations. DO NOT RINSE WITH WATER. If necessary re-apply some more Oil Eliminator Pre-Treatment and repeat the above steps. Your surface is now ready for regular Bio-Dry Concrete Cleaner application.

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 10 x 14 in


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